Athletics Program Info

UpdatedFriday June 19, 2020 byMark Diederich.

Northwest Catholic Football is a football club co-sponsored by Our Lady of Sorrows and Our Lady of Victory available to all surrounding parishes.


It is the sole and primary purpose of the CYO Athletics Program to be an extension of the Christian education for the children of the participating Parishes. It is our firm belief that an extra-curricular sports program  can be more beneficial to the children if properly structured and a common philosophy is followed:

The primary goals of the Athletic Program are:

  1. To foster a sense of Christian sportsmanship among the children.
  2. To provide an opportunity for each child to experience a meaningful contribution to a team.
  3. To provide the child a means to learn the fundamentals of the sport, develop their skills and learn what it means to give their best efforts at all times.
  4. To provide an environment that nurtures growth based on progress, improvement and accomplishment through work and commitment while striving for excellence and achieving potential; all in a Catholic environment that provides the means for intellectual, physical, emotional and spiritual development.



It is the intent of this Athletics Program  to provide as many Parish and School children the opportunity to compete on quality extra-curricular athletic teams that our facilities, funds and volunteers can provide. To maintain eligibility all non-students must attend a Catholic Religious Education Program.